Brie Larson from Fast X shared a hilarious photo in honor of Vin Diesel’s birthday


It seems Brie Larson is quickly getting used to the Fast family after joining the cast of the upcoming Fast and Furious X movie. It’s understandable why she was brought into the family shortly after her casting, as she was actually enthusiastically positioning herself for the role. The 10th film of the franchise. After the star of the franchise and the head of the Vin Diesel family shared the first look at Larson’s character in the upcoming film, the Marvel actress took to her social networks to share a funny photo from the set and congratulate her new colleague on her birthday.

From what we already know about Fast X, the film will be the first part of the two final films of the franchise. In this case, Brie Larson enters the family at the tail end, but it doesn’t seem like being late to the party makes Larson any less a member of the Fast family.

In a recent Instagram post, Brie Larson shared a photo of Vin Diesel and herself seemingly fooling around on set, and Larson looks right at home having befriended the franchise star. Take a look at the photo in the post below:

I can’t help but notice that Brie Larson mentions adding “little family” to the fan timeline, which is a sure sign that she was fully involved in Vin Diesel’s “Fast and Furious” ensemble. Diesel seems to be more than cool with the greeting and statement, as he responded in the comments with a simple smiley face with a red heart.

Vin Diesel also shared a thank-you post while spending his birthday on set, saying how grateful he is to the entire crew and cast of Fast X. Diesel has come a long way in regards to the Fast franchise, and it’s slowly coming to an end. fulfilling a promise he once made to franchise brother Paul Walker.

Of course, Fast X won’t be Brie Larson and Vin Diesel’s first shared franchise. Both are Marvel stars, Larson has taken on the role of Captain Marvel in the last few years, and Diesel has voiced Groot. However, it’s possible that the paths of the two never crossed in the franchise, as Diesel usually records his role in the booth.

However, now Brie Larson and Vin Diesel seem to have established a bond, and after they spent time on set and on their birthday, it became clear that Larson is considered part of the Fast family. While you won’t find the upcoming collaboration of these two in our 2022 movie schedule, we can expect Fast X to grace us with its presence next year with the current release date of May 19, 2023. Until then, we can expect more. Updates from members of the Fast family!