Bridgertons Chronicle: Whistledown Identity Revealed?


In The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, Lady Whistledown’s identity was revealed long before the last episode of Season 1.

Warning, this article contains spoilers. At the end of Season 1 of The Bridgertons, the identity of Whistledown was revealed. Clues had already put viewers on the trail.

If you’ve watched the first season of the hit series, The Bridgertons Chronicle, you know who the narrator is.

You know, the headline-grabber with her breathtaking gossip. To maintain her anonymity, the author has always signed with the name Whistledown.

In reality, the little dungeon with the rebellious pen is none other than Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan.

Some were very surprised to discover who was behind the Gossip Girl of the 1800s. Others, on the other hand, had already guessed.

And for good reason, The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, available on Netflix, was full of clues. So to find them out, it is not enough to be a Sherlock Holmes.

But it must be said that being caught in the story, not all of them seem obvious. So the first one was unveiled from the first episode.


Indeed, the first issue of The Bridgertons Chronicle already announces the color. In short, the narrator writes the following quote: “It is said that of all bitches, dead or alive, the woman who writes is the fiercest.”

So, it is a quote from Lord Byron, a 19th century British poet. So if you still don’t see the link, we’ll explain everything to you.

So in another episode, the young Peneloppe referred to this poet. You know, when Marina Thompson gets a poem from Colin Bridgerton.

If the young man wrote her these words, it was to seduce her. But we have to believe that he does not master Shakespeare’s language to perfection.

So, the one behind Whistledown in the famous Netflix show doesn’t hesitate to laugh at him. “It’s not Byron who wants,” she says to her friend.

This is a very subtle clue, we grant you. However, some people still managed to uncover the secret.

In fact, a number of fans have complained about the obvious on the blue bird social network, Twitter. They would have liked more suspense.

So we can read the following messages: “In The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, it was so obvious the identity of Whistledown. No suspense, I guessed from the start, I’m disappointed, “wrote a young woman.

“I had toasted the Whistledown identity from the start but that didn’t take away from the charm of the show,” said another. Before adding: “I was just less surprised by the identity of the author than by the rest. “


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