Bridgertons Chronicle: Netflix Is Buying Something Funny!

The Brigertons chronicle made its small success among series aficionados. Netflix has just unveiled behind the scenes …

The Bridgerton actors seem to be having fun on sets, after all. Indeed, Netflix unveils our favorite actors in more than funny scenes. Enough to make us take a leap in time.

The Bridgertons’ chronicle has all of a historical show, in short. Period costumes, references and veracity of the words, everything seems to have been fact checked from A to Z …

In any case, despite some inevitable inconsistencies in this kind of series, we have a good time. Shonda Rhimes therefore transports us to the high society of the London of the English Regency.

So we are in the 19th century, a time popular with British history buffs. The actors gave everything to produce a rather gripping experience for us.

On Instagram, Netflix congratulates itself on its success and offers us a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot. Enough to put our experience as a spectator into perspective.

The actors of the Bridgerton chronicle seem to have jumped in time! Whether it is their KW that is unrepresentative of the time, their smartphone on the screen or their middle finger in the air …


The entire Bridgerton team seems to have literally slashed these pictures! They all lend themselves to pranks, make faces and do not hesitate to draw their iPhone.

Not very 19th century all this, is it? But we forgive them, and that would almost make us want to share their daily life and join us on the sets too.

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“The Bridgertons in the 21st Century are like that,” Netflix captioned her post. They would definitely have a blast in our time!

Regardless, fans of the series were sure to give this Netflix series a thumbs up. “We love”, “the bomb”, or even “too bg”, can we read in the comments.



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