Bridgertons Chronicle: an actor in season 2!


Netflix is ​​doing strong with The Bridgertons. Moreover, an actor of Sex Education could well join the cast of season 2.

The Bridgertons Chronicle is a hit on Netflix. Season 2 is therefore eagerly awaited. This one holds many surprises. An actress from Sex Education will then join the cast.

Netflix is ​​famous for its series. It must be said that the online streaming platform does not do things by halves. Its content appeals to young and old alike.

Thus, his series quickly become programs not to be missed. Netflix is ​​therefore on all fronts. Between action and romance, everyone can find something to suit them.

Lately there is a series that is really getting a lot of talk. The Bridgertons Chronicle was a great success.

With a tailor-made script and a talented cast, the Netflix series has it all figured out. It must be said that the series then made many viewers very addicted. So season 2 is eagerly awaited.

There is another series that is a hit. In a completely different register, Sex Education made the Web tremble. Internet users have therefore shown themselves to be very fans of the series.

In fact, an actress from the series will be joining the cast for Season 2 of The Bridgertons. Netflix really got it all.


Netflix continues to surprise its subscribers. Thus, the platform will bring a touch of Sex Education in season 2 of La Chronique des Bridgeton. Something to delight all fans of the series then.

In fact, a lot of information is starting to circulate about this season 2. The fans of the series are therefore in search of any scoop. And the least that can be said is that nothing can escape them.

Season 2 of The Bridgertons will therefore focus on Anthony. His love life should bring great moments to viewers.

In addition, a brand new character will be part of these new adventures. And for good reason, an actress from Sex Education then arrives at the casting. So she landed one of the main roles. Not bad !

The beautiful Simone Ashley who lends her features to Olivia in Sex Education will therefore play in season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle on Netflix.

She will play the role of Kate Sharma. She will therefore have a great love affair with Anthony Bridgerton. Her character is a new resident of London. She is then intelligent and stubborn.

The love story of Anthony and his sweetheart promises to be explosive. Indeed, Netflix never does things halfway when it comes to love.

And for good reason, Daphne and Simon we bring to life great moments for viewers of the series. It may be the same for the two lovers. To be continued.


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