Bridgerton: Why Kate & Anthony’s Wedding is happening Behind the Scenes


ATTENTION: This article contains spoilers for the second season of the TV series “Bridgerton”.

Kate and Anthony’s romantic roller coaster ends with the couple happily married, but Bridgerton prefers not to show their wedding behind the scenes in the second season. Unlike Simon and Daphne, who were married before, either believed that the other really loved them, or wanted marriage, Kate and Anthony get married as soon as they have already declared their love to each other. Thus, one would expect that Bridgerton depicting Anthony and Kate’s wedding would make more sense as the final reckoning for their love story, since viewers have not yet seen Bridgerton’s happy wedding day.

For slow-burning TV romances, weddings tend to be the highlight of their love stories, as it means that all the disagreements that went into the “they-not-them” dynamic have finally paid off. However, this does not apply to the two weddings that have so far been depicted in Bridgerton. There were almost no happy faces at Simon and Daphne’s wedding, because Daphne felt that she forced Simon to get married, and Simon also believed that she was offended at him for marrying her, knowing that he would never give her children. While the couple’s marriage eventually became a happy couple in the first season finale of Bridgerton, the following season featured only one on-screen wedding: Anthony and Edwina, Kate’s younger sister. They never got to the “I Do” part of the nuptials, but it still continued Bridgerton’s tendency to refuse to give viewers a love-filled wedding.

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Since the main focus in the love stories of the Bridgerton brothers and sisters was on passionate courtship (or lack thereof) and overcoming the resistance of their true feelings, the wedding is not the true denouement in this series. Rather, the final return for both Simon, Daphne, and Anthony and Kate occurs when they learn to fully accept their love for their double. Consequently, Bridgerton’s most important on-screen wedding in season two would never have been between Anthony and Kate Sharma, as the climactic turning point of their romance occurred at his unsuccessful wedding to Edwina. It was only at the wedding that Anthony was finally able to admit his feelings for Kate and choose love over duty, and Kate also had a crucial moment when she confessed her love for Anthony, even though it betrayed her priority duty to Edwina. Hence, the reason Anthony and Kate’s wedding takes place off-screen is because their marriage is not really a climax, as it may be for other couples.

So in the second season Bridgerton really had an important wedding, it just wasn’t between Kate and Anthony. Since their love story focused on choosing their own happiness over duty to others and finally learning to let down their guard against their families, it was much more important for Bridgerton in the second season to show them happily married surrounded by the Bridgerton siblings, rather than depicting an organized wedding. The couple were bound by honor, duty and the pressure of expectations until Kate and Anthony confessed their “annoying” feelings for each other. Thus, the formality of the wedding would still return them to the familiar framework of the structure, even if they were happy to say “Yes.” Instead, it was much more important to end Anthony and Kate’s love story by comfortably and casually accepting their love for each other in the Bridgerton family.

Just as Anthony and Kate’s romance didn’t require so many sex scenes in the second season of Bridgerton to be convincing, a depiction of a traditional wedding wouldn’t be the best demonstration of their happiness. It could also get a little tedious if there were two incredibly lavish, huge weddings in the second season of Bridgerton that focused on Anthony and Kate. In order not to compete with the importance of their wedding events, Bridgerton made a far-sighted decision to show a truly happy moment during Anthony and Kate’s honeymoon, which at the end has a much more intimate and powerful return.