Bridgerton: What we suspected about Ruby Stokes’ sad departure from the series


Netflix’s popular period drama Bridgerton is gearing up with production on its third season. However, recent news has prompted the streaming platform to reorganize its cast, after confirming that actress Ruby Stokes will no longer be on the show as Francesca, but has also revealed the actress who will replace her.

According to the information that has been revealed, Ruby Stokes has decided to leave her character in Bridgerton to lead another project on the same Netflix platform. Something that surprised all viewers because it was rumored that a story was being prepared for her in the third season of the show.

Ruby Stokes has been cast as the lead in another Netflix production, the upcoming Lockwood & Co adaptation, which was created by Jonathan Stroud. This new show will showcase the most talented teenage ghost hunters as they journey every night into dangerous combat with deadly spirits.

Although Ruby Stokes will no longer play Francesca, Netflix has confirmed that the actress who will replace her will be Hannah Dodd, who is known for her participation in the series Anatomy of a Scandal. Although Stokes’ involvement in Bridgerton was very short, it is expected that in future seasons she will have her own story according to the show’s books.

In fact, Francesca’s presence in the first two seasons of Bridgerton has been fleeting, only appearing twice in season 1. She then appeared in the first three episodes of season two, but then disappeared without explanation for the rest. of the season, because he was participating in the campaign for Lockwood & Co.

“I love Francesca, but we lost her in the middle of Season 2,” the Bridgerton creator said in an interview.

Some fans of the show believe that Ruby Stokes’ decision would be a big mistake, because Bridgerton is the most viewed show on the Netflix platform, ranking in the top five. But now, Hannah Dodd will take the opportunity of her and hope that a story will be adapted for her in the next installments of the period drama.

Interestingly, Hannah Dodd’s credits have been steadily rising, starring in shows like Flowers In The Attic: The Origin, Hulu’s period drama Harlots, and teen drama Find Me in Paris. She even finished filming the sequel to Enola Holmes, in which she will participate alongside star Millie Bobby Brown.