Bridgerton: What could improve the second season?


Bridgerton, the first series of Shonda Rhimes on Netflix, managed to captivate the audience and place itself in a privileged position among the most watched productions on the streaming platform. However, as much as there are several positive points, many viewers observed some small weaknesses that can improve a lot in a 2nd season of Bridgerton.

One is the issue of colorism. A part of the public and also of the critics pointed out that, as much as the representativeness was ahead of the production, there were still some points that needed more attention.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that in Julia Quinn’s original novels, on which the series was based, there were no fundamental questions about the characters’ ethnicity. And, to be able to transpose all the events narrated in a literary way to the screens, a historical review and greater care on the part of the screenwriters is necessary to avoid stereotypes.

One of the factors pointed out as problematic is the case of black people with darker skin being portrayed, in a way, with greater traces of villainy – Simon’s father (Regé-Jean Page), for example. As Netflix targets a worldwide audience in a very expansive way, these issues cannot be ignored by producers.

Other aspects that deserve attention are related to the character Marina (Ruby Barker), a black woman who ends up being very submissive in several aspects and does not seem to have such a motivating plot. Many viewers criticized her development, even if the novels’ original intention was different.

Within this context, it is worth saying that this dramatic arc is a reflection of a historical situation that occurred during and after the Napoleonic Wars.

What to expect from Season 2 of Bridgerton, on Netflix?

Many fans of Julia Quinn’s books expect important characters to be portrayed in the serial adaptation. The expectation surrounding the 2nd season of production is that elements of the novel O Visconde Que Me Amava become more visible.


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