Bridgerton: They confirm whether Anthony and Kate will return or not in the third season of the drama


Bridgerton,” a historical drama that premiered on the Netflix streaming platform in December 2020, returned to fan screens last Friday, March 25, with a second season consisting of eight new episodes, with a story centered on two different characters. installments. Ahead of the third season, many may wonder if Anthony and Kate will be in the next few episodes.

Recall that “Bridgerton” is a TV adaptation created by Shonda Rhimes. The first season of the popular Netflix drama was directed at Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset (Less often Jean Page), who eventually got married and had a baby.

This part of the story was inspired by the book The Duke and I, the first in a saga of novels of the same name written by Julia Quinn. Although Daphne was present in the next episode of the series, she remained in the background, and her husband did not appear due to the departure of her translator from the Netflix series.

The second season of the series “Bridgerton” attracted the attention of Daphne’s older brother. In the most recent episodes of the historical drama, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) was looking for a wife to fulfill his family duty. Based on the literary work “The Viscount Who Loved Me”, volume 2, fans saw how the main character falls in love and marries Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). It is confirmed that both characters will return in season 3.

Bridgerton’s executive producers previously explained that each season of the Netflix series will be entirely dedicated to a new brother and his story, so the rest of the Bridgerton family will still appear. But Bailey and Ashley explain to ET whether they will return in season 3 of the show and in future installments. Kate’s translator agreed with Bailey’s words:

“I think we intend to be at every wedding. We will definitely be next to the brothers in the future. We are also very happy to support each other in their love story, and that’s the whole point.”

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that Anthony and Kate have their own stories that continue outside of the main plot as newlyweds. Bridgerton fans will have to wait and see how many Anthony and Kate will appear in the upcoming season. Bailey’s statement may mean that her character and Ashley’s character will appear sporadically in the third season of Bridgerton, as well as Daphne in the second part.