Bridgerton: The Star Wars star who wants to join the famous Netflix series


Boyega, whom we know for having participated in the sequel to the Star Wars saga as “Finn”, one of the Troopers who woke up, recently stated in an interview that he would take great advantage of a role in Bridgerton where opportunities have been given to actors of African descent.

It is no secret to anyone that Bridgerton was the springboard used by young actors such as Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor, so for Boyega it means that the market of opportunities continues to open for an actor of African descent to be the protagonist.

The 30-year-old actor assures that he loves versatility and that he feels the need to apply everything he learned in theater school, where he was taught that roles would not necessarily fall from the sky and would be adjusted to each actor. but that “we were still trained to try to interpret them”.

After belonging to the Star Wars universe, entering this world of period series like the ones lived in Bridgerton would be an attractive challenge for Boyega.

“I would definitely love to be in things that are more nuanced,” he said.

After spending years studying drama in the UK and interpreting the classic works of Shakespeare and other geniuses. He was relegated to inconsequential roles due to his Nigerian roots, so Bridgerton’s proposal is more than interesting for the young star from London. Refusing to resign himself to less relevant roles, Boyega aspired to more and got it, establishing himself as a Hollywood star and could soon stand out on the screens of platforms like Netflix.

“Because remember, in a franchise you’re working on a character for many years, and that can take away from your other muscles. Sometimes it’s like a fancy prison for an actor when they want to do something else.”

Netflix executives have already revealed the life of a third and even a fourth season of Bridgerton and continue to trap viewers who were stuck with this story full of secrets, betrayal and passion. It wouldn’t surprise us if Jhon Boyega could join this wonderful cast that has captivated the audience, leaving this series among the best and most watched of the year.