Bridgerton: Stars explain how the queen’s friends created the spin-off


The information that is handled so far about the next prequel to Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton, is little but substantial, although some fans assure that it is not necessary to go back much in the time thread of this period story in The Regency, and that with just rewatching season 2 is more than enough, but let’s see what their figures had to say about it.

For any fan, asking them to watch the series again is not an effort, just an excuse to continue enjoying this complete series. However, there are two scenes from Episode 6 of the second season that are responsible for understanding what the Bridgerton nation can expect from the untitled spin-off. In this long-awaited prequel Golda Rosheuvel will reprise her role as Queen Charlotte, Adjoa Andoh and Ruth Gemmell will reprise her roles as Lady Agatha Danbury and Lady Violet Bridgerton, respectively.

On the other hand, India Amarteifio, from Sex Education, will be in charge of giving the protagonist, Queen Charlotte, a young face. In this story, the time thread places her when she is engaged to the king and realizes that “it was not exactly what the royals expected”, throughout the plot there will be alternation in time to understand where and why some situations occur in the present that we know of Bridgerton.

Other actresses also arrive to embody the young versions of our emblematic figures in this series, for example Arsema Thomas will do the honors as the young Lady Agatha Danbury, and the actress who will play the young Lady Violet Bridgerton has not yet been announced. Precisely, this character of the young Lady Danbury will be decisive in the story because, as reported by Netflix, she will be like a “guiding light for the new Queen, while she finds her own voice and power.” So the best friends haven’t always seen eye to eye, which was evidenced in season 2 when Edwina (Charithra Chandran) failed to marry Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey).

In an interview conducted just after the release of the second season, Adjoa Andoh, made an analysis of the queen’s situation that would trigger the plot of the spin-off. “Lady Bridgerton has to deal with eight children and who marries whom, and she keeps a tight rein on everything.” “She’s all under control. And Lady Danbury thinks she knows everything until her wheels fall off and she hides in a room. These women have a long-standing friendship.”

“What are you going to do? It’s a ‘laugh or cry’ moment. In an honest and confident way, they just laugh. There’s something really moving about seeing people who think they’re in control just giving up.”

In true Lady Danbury fashion, she eventually came up with a solution or two that helped the Queen, the Sharmas, and the Bridgertons. That same strategic approach comes from her youth, Andoh jokes. “You need to strategize,” Andoh says of her character’s agility and grace in mid-conversation. “These courts are not cute and friendly places. They are rabid and you have to survive. Lady Danbury has come to a position of comfort, security and status because she has learned to play the game, and you will see how,” she added.

“I have my two best friends in the room, the ladies Danbury and Violet. I have these unknown entities in Sharmas. And there is a wedding that will not take place for the Diamond I chose,” explains Rosheuvel. “Then the husband comes in. How do all these emotional stories collide when this happens? On the first take, I just focused on my best friends. The King enters, and that emotion hits me. I know you’ve seen him behave like this before, and I know you know what’s going on because I’ve told you. They are my classmates. They are like a family.”