Bridgerton season 2: Why fans are happy about the absence of this character


Bridgerton, one of the most successful dramas on the Netflix streaming platform that premiered in December 2020 with eight fascinating episodes, was absent from fans’ screens, but will return this Friday, March 25 with season 2, which promises not just romance, but a plot that involves the deepest complications of the women of the time, according to its producer Shonda Rhimes.

Bridgerton fans couldn’t feel more excited as the premiere of new episodes draws ever closer. And while it’s not just to learn the story about Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma in season 2, they’re also glad they won’t be seeing one of the main characters from season one again.

Let’s remember that Regé-Jean Page starred in the first season of Bridgerton on Netflix. It’s been exactly a year since fans learned that the actor would not be returning as Simon Basset the Duke of Hastings for season 2, and while many were disappointed with the news, others did not stop showing their joy at his absence from the drama. from Netflix.

There’s no denying that Simon Basset wowed audiences with the love story centered around him and Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor). The couple ended up married and with a child at the end of the first season, and although they were very important in the first eight episodes, with season 2 they will be taking a back seat.

As is known, Regé-Jean Page is not back in Bridgerton, but season 2 will only refer to her character in one of the scenes of the first episode, as revealed by Chris Van Dusen, the creator of the series. The new season is about to start, and some fans admit that they are happy that Simo Basset is not in it.

It turns out that some Bridgerton fans are glad that Regé-Jean Page is not in season 2 of the Netflix series. They took to Reddit to express their relief explaining why they never wanted to see his character Simon Basset again in the hit period drama.

“I’m not happy not because I didn’t enjoy it in Season 1, but because that way the creators can’t fit a bow for the Duke and Daphne again. I feel like the creators might have felt more pressure if he had stayed, I think some viewers would be really upset with them for not including him in the next season, not to mention that network executives probably want to cash in on his inclusion.”

“If they really had to do it, I think the rest of the show would have suffered huge losses because the next Bridgertons would have been left out and we wouldn’t have a proper build on them in time for their seasons.”

“I agree with you on this! Although [sic] it bums me out that he’s not in season 2, it sure would have taken the attention away from the Kate and Anthony storyline.”