Bridgerton season 2: What the new achievement reached by the Netflix drama means


Bridgerton first appeared on streaming platform Netflix in Christmas 2020. Spanning eight episodes, the series quickly became the service’s most-watched show with over 80 million views after 28 days of release. Now, with the second installment released on March 25, the drama reached a new record.

The television adaptation created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, inspired by the novels written by Julia Quinn, arrived with its second season on Netflix and now there is no way to stop the unstoppable success of Bridgerton’s reign on the transmitter. This Tuesday, it was announced that the second installment went off in style, surpassing the first season.

Focusing on a new love story involving Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma in season 2, the hit series broke its own record by amassing 627.11 million hours watched during the first 28 days on Netflix, to become the show in English most viewed of the entire broadcaster, while its first installment was positioned in second position with 625.49 million hours viewed during the same period of time.

Recall that after the premiere of the first season of Bridgerton, Netflix quickly renewed it for eight more episodes. Now, a third installment is on the way and fans couldn’t be more excited because season 4 is also coming to their screens as well as a spin-off focused on Queen Charlotte.

With these figures, there is no doubt that Bridgerton continues unbeatable on Netflix. Season 2 of the series this week garnered 66.61 million hours viewed, appearing in the top 10 in 88 countries around the world, while The Ultimatum reached 58.47 million hours viewed, Anatomy of a Scandal 40.28 million and Our Great National Parks 17.09 million.

However, Bridgerton couldn’t top the South Korean survival drama that premiered on Netflix in September. The Squid Game, in its first 28 days after its premiere, achieved an impressive 1,650 million, remaining in first place overall among all the transmitter’s series.

In this sense, with this enormous achievement achieved by Bridgerton, there is the possibility that Netflix will make the decision to develop the complete story of the series of novels by Julia Quinn, which consists of eight books. This means the Chris Van Dusen-created period drama could extend beyond season four to continue the stories of the brothers from the Bridgerton dynasty in regency-era 19th-century London.