Bridgerton Season 2: A few days before the premiere they reveal the changes that everyone suspected


Bridgerton is a romantic period drama that premiered on the Netflix streaming platform on Christmas 2020. Eight episodes in total hit fans’ screens on December 25, and millions of viewers were fascinated not only by the stories about Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings, but also loaded with intimate scenes.

Bridgerton fans, with each episode of season 1 witnessed so many love affairs through tantalizing scenes, which prevented them from getting off the screens. The second installment is set to debut on Netflix next Friday, March 25, and something everyone should keep in mind is that the new episodes will be totally different compared to season 1.

And it is that with season 2 of Brigerton about to premiere on Netflix, the producers of the series revealed that the next stories of the series will have fewer sex scenes, but more provocative looks and palpable tension. The upcoming plot will follow Anthony Bridgerton as he finds himself in a love triangle between two sisters, Edwina and Kate Sharma.

Let’s remember that after its debut on Netflix, after the first 28 days after its release, Bridgerton was watched by 80 million people around the world, becoming the most watched show on Netflix at that time. And something that should be clear is that its success was not only due to the stories and the acting quality of its characters, but also to the high content of intimate scenes between them.

The sex scenes in Bridgerton season 2 were replaced with desire and fiery stares. According to The Telegraph, the producers of the Netflix drama said the longing looks can be just as seductive. Without a doubt, this is something that has already been clearly anticipated in some scenes that appear in the promotional trailer for the new episodes.

Bridgerton Season 2 will focus on Anthony as he searches for the other half of himself in love. Therefore, he must fulfill his family duty and get married and that is where he meets Edwina, but he must get the approval of her sister Kate to get to her. Everything will start to get tangled up when Kate is included in his plan. And among so many disputes, everything will lead to a fiery love that is difficult to refrain from. As for the scenes that won’t involve sex between them, series creator Chris Van Dusen explained the following:

“There is so much sensuality in the looks across the room, the hands brushing and the fingers almost touching. You can really feel that build from episode to episode.”