Bridgerton: Know the true and tragic story behind the Netflix series


Although the story of the Netflix drama Bridgerton is fictional, the truth is that some details of this series are inspired by real life. That is why the subscribers of said platform affirm that an unfortunate tragedy is coming with one of the important characters.

Everything indicates that a new tragedy is approaching the life of Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) in Bridgerton, the surprising thing is that this story happened in real life. Although most of the characters in this drama are fictitious, the truth is that both the queen and her husband, King George III, are inspired by the real-life monarchs that existed during the era of the Regency.

That is why, if Bridgerton decides to follow the real course of what happened, the fictional version of Queen Charlotte could face a tragedy sooner or later in the series. As is well known, within this program, the debuts of the young women take place in front of this powerful woman.

In the second season, we saw Queen Charlotte choose Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran), drawing the attention of the most eligible bachelors. Despite her great and important presence, the truth is that this woman’s personal life faces a personal dilemma because of her husband, who suffers from mental illness.

Historians suggest it was probably bipolar disorder or a porphyrian blood disorder, which kept him isolated in the castle, away from everyone, including Queen Charlotte. Throughout Bridgerton, the story of the king’s mental deterioration has been in focus, so possibly the next thing to see on the screens could be the death of Queen Charlotte.

The second season of Bridgerton, goes back to the year 1814, the curious thing is that, in real life, four years later, that is, in 1818, Queen Charlotte dies at the age of 74 years. Although this Netflix series has not been very involved with the queen’s children so far, the truth is that she had 15 in total. Only 13 survived to adulthood.

However, considering that Bridgerton has a few more seasons left to be broadcast on the screens, it remains to be seen if the Netflix production will handle the death of this important character or if it will decide to broadcast a fictional story.