‘Bridgerton’ filming error makes fans laugh

Fans of ‘Bridgerton’ have been impressed to discover some historical errors within the series.

‘Bridgerton’ has been making headlines with its unique approach to period drama. Debuting in December 2020, Bridgerton has quickly established itself as one of Netflix’s most popular original offerings.

In fact, Netflix has predicted that the show will soon rank fifth among its most-watched original series. However, fans have also been impressed by the lack of historical errors.

How ‘Bridgerton’ tries to avoid mistakes

Julie Ann Robinson, the director of ‘Bridgerton’, has a unique method of ensuring that no visual errors are made on the show that take viewers out of the atmosphere of the time. Until now, the show had gone by without fans pointing out serious mistakes.

To make sure they achieve that level of fidelity, Robinson explained that they have an unusual method. Specifically, they make sure to incorporate bright orange clothing. “Will was obsessed with the details of the time,” Robinson explained to Deadline.

“If there was something Will didn’t like, if there was a ceiling that he didn’t like, David would stand there and wouldn’t move. We would know we couldn’t move the camera where we would see this guy dressed completely in bright orange. It was a great idea, ”she explained.

Fans spot the first major mistake


As we mentioned in The Truth News, Bridgerton had not had any errors so far (or at least that was known). However, viewers recently pointed out some mistakes during the opening scenes that make them joke at the show’s expense.

Specifically, the opening scenes of the show’s first episode feature yellow lines painted along the edge of the Royal Crescent in Bath. Others pointed out a few more bugs, including manhole covers and a Primark sign.

“You will also see a Primark sign, a single yellow line parking restriction, and a parking sign on a lamp post. Downspouts at the front of buildings and a modern bell. Still great though, ”wrote one Twitter user.

“Two episodes on #Bridgerton and so far I’ve seen a single yellow line and a telecommunications manhole cover. I did not know that the British of the 19th century were so pioneers… ”, joked another user.



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