Bridgerton Chronicle: Regé-Jean and Phoebe as a couple?


The characters seem very attached on Netflix … Would the actors of The Chronicle of Bridgerton be a couple? They answer !

Their chemistry can be seen on Netflix… So would it come from real life? Fans seem so sure: Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor have a relationship far beyond The Chronicle of Bridgerton.

Because between the very hot scenes, the love scenes and the looks, the two characters seem made for each other … But their relationship seemed so natural to the fans, that they began to have doubts.

The two actors of The Chronicle of Bridgerton would they therefore be a couple? Regé-Jean Page, who lends his features to the Duke of Hastings, gave a lot of answers in an interview with Access.

In the midst of various subjects, he thus finds himself confronted with a strange question: would he really be in a relationship with Phoebe Dynevor, alias Daphne Bridgerton? But his response may disappoint the fans …

Although the Bridgerton Chronicle actor started off by evading. “I think all you need to know is in front of the camera,” he replies. This is why we have presented it so beautifully for you. ”


What happens on Netflix stays on Netflix, so … A very nice phrase that doesn’t necessarily help you understand everything. But Regé-Jean Page tries to explain this relationship a little better.

“I therefore believe that the exchanges which make sparks, the intrigues and all that forms the heart of the series are already sufficient like that”, he adds thus… Clearly, The Chronicle of Bridgerton remains a fiction.

Fans may therefore feel a little disappointment. The couple formed by the two actors seemed touching, sexy and natural at the same time… But this is just a very good cast of the production.

The fact remains that The Chronicle of Bridgerton remains in second place of the most watched series at the moment on Netflix… The couple can therefore embark the fans for a season 2 without worry!


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