Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix): Scenes in Season 2?


Season 1 of The Bridgertons was a huge hit on Netflix. Jonathan Bailey promises plenty of sex scenes. A few months ago, Netflix aired The Bridgertons Chronicle. The series was a huge success and the channel has already renewed it for a season 2. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle is going to be hot! Several weeks ago, Netflix put Bridgerton Season 1 online. Shonda Rhimes’s series is inspired by Julia Quinn’s books and is a huge success. In just over a month, she made an audience record with over 82 million views.

As a reminder, the new series tells the story of Daphne Bridgerton, a young woman from high society in London. She is old enough to get married and wants above all to find true love. One day, she crosses paths with the Duke of Hastings and makes a pact with him. In order to be more courted, she wants him to flirt with her in public.

Simon accepts the deal but very quickly falls into his own trap. Indeed, the one who did not want to get married ends up having feelings for Daphne. So, they get married and even have a child at the end of the first season of the Netflix series. Still, Daphne has to deal with many relationship issues

The first season was hot and featured several very realistic sex scenes. Nonetheless, The Bridgerton Chronicle is not looking to settle down for the second season. Indeed, Jonathan Bailey confided in The Mirror and teased that season 2 was going to have several erotic scenes.

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The Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix): Sex Scenes In Season 2?


Netflix announced a few days ago that Season 2 of The Bridgertons is in the works. However, it will surely be necessary to wait at least a year to be able to see the next episodes. And for good reason, the actors have not yet started filming. However, they already have an idea of ​​the continuation of the series.

Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne’s big brother. He has many responsibilities and above all is very much in love with the singer Siena Rosso. However, because of his social rank, he is unable to marry her and finds it difficult to come to terms with his love for her.

The actor will be present for season 2 and the series even plans to take a closer look at this character. Jonathan therefore hinted that there would be many sex scenes in the Netflix series. For him, these romantic relationships are at the “heart” of the show and that does not change.

“The things that are at the heart of Bridgerton are intimacy, identity and sexuality. And of course that’s something that we’ll continue to do, ”he told The Mirror on Saturday February 20. In fact, the actor thinks the showrunners will do a great job and that the sequel will make fans blush.


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