Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix): Discover Their Secrets!


Our colleagues from Melty have just revealed several secrets about Netflix’s Bridgerton Chronicle that might surprise you

If you haven’t seen The Bridgerton Chronicle on Netflix yet, you’re missing out on this. You might as well get started right away before excluding yourself from certain discussions. Because yes, the new Netflix series has been on everyone’s lips for several weeks now.

On the other hand, if some ignore the plot of this new series, know that we can summarize it, roughly, to a Gossip Girl of the old days. Indeed, the story of the Bridgerton Chronicle takes place many years ago, in the age of the bourgeoisie and all that followed.

If that doesn’t appeal to you more than that, maybe a few secrets from the show could change your mind. Melty by giving 8 which may surprise you a lot. Know for example that the very first scene of the first episode had to be a sex scene. Those who have already seen the episode in question will immediately understand what we are talking about. For the others, there is no need to watch it.

In terms of costumes, nearly 7,500 would have been used! A colossal number, but when you see the number of characters and the number of scenes, it is understandable. Then, did you know there was a connection between Harry Potter and the Bridgerton Chronicle? Indeed, Melty explains:

“Freddie Stroma, who plays Prince Friedrich, plays Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the guy who flirts with Hermione Granger!” The second is Regé-Jean Page, Simon in the series. The latter indeed makes a brief appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 ”.


The secrets don’t end there. Indeed, Melty also lets know that the one who plays the role of Penelope should have seen herself taller in the series. Or that the actors had a “choreography” to follow for the sex scenes.

Additionally, a scene from the film Pride and Prejudice would have inspired many moments in The Bridgerton Chronicle. Notably “the moment between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, while wearing a soaked shirt.”

Finally, be aware that the scene in which Simon lets the Queen know that he loves Daphne and that he wants to be married would have been disturbed. Quite simply by the real queen, Elizabeth 2 who needed this space, the Lancaster House.

For those who have finished The Chronicle of Bridgerton, know that Lady Whistledown was not immediately Penelope in the minds of the producers. The latter would have thought of other protagonists.


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