Brianna Fraser reveals Sophie Skelton character details


While all Outlaner fans are waiting for season 6 of the series, the actress who plays Brianna Fraser, Sophie Skelton, reveals details of her character and the traumas that will continue to face.

Recall that in the last seasons of the Outlander series, Jamie and Claire Fraser’s daughter, Brianna, has had to endure severe trauma and problems, from rapes to concerns about the death of her boyfriend Roger.

During a podcast of the series and reflecting on the history and attack of her character, actress Sophie Skelton commented the following:

“I definitely think that even at the end of this season, you know, you can put a bullet in the person, but you can’t put a bullet in what happened.”

“Obviously Brianna spends the season trying to get over it and trying to be happy and put it aside, but it’s a trauma that will stay with her for the rest of her life.”

Skelton, has been saying that Brianna, will not be able to overcome everything that happened to her, but, that she will manage to dominate but that sometimes it will torment her-

“That’s one of the things that we play this season and it’s almost like Brianna can’t sleep, which I guess is a good thing in a way because Jemmy doesn’t sleep.

Despite all the things that Brianna went through, she will look for strength and motivation in her son Jemmy, who until now is unknown whose he is, but all the fans assume that he is from Bonnet.

“I think sleeping is when her demons come back in. I definitely think she’s had to put her own healing aside and focus on Jemmy.”

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Season 6 of Outlander will focus on the revolution in the United States, where the Fraser family will be involved with the entire town, without a doubt more problems for everyone.


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