Brian Windhorst Supports LeBron James’ Interesting Conspiracy Theory


The Cleveland Cavaliers have unexpectedly successfully completed the 2021-2022 season, and there are several talented young players among them.

But can an old veteran superstar come back to Earth again?

During Friday’s episode of Get Up, ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst floated the idea of a possible return of former Cavaliers superstar LeBron James.

He said some future moves involving Collin Sexton and Carys LaVert may indicate the Cavs will leave the door open for a major acquisition.

“If you need a conspiracy theory, keep an eye on the Cavs’ actions over the next few weeks. They’re going to extend Darius Garland, their All-Star point guard. It’s going to happen. But they have a couple more moves. what they could do would potentially eat up their place in the cap for next year, which I think they will do as a young team. They should never be a free player. But if the Cavs don’t keep Collin Sexton. And they don’t extend Caris LaVert, which are two things in their menu of options. And they leave open a place for restrictions in 2023, it’s interesting food for thought. Just keep an eye on it.”

With all his off-court adventures and his family living in Los Angeles, LeBron seems to be quite settled in the Lakers organization. But perhaps last year’s unsuccessful season opened his eyes to some new opportunities.

LeBron has the last season under contract with the Lakers. His eldest son, Bronnie, can get into the NBA draft as early as 2024.

This will be LeBron’s third stint in the Cavaliers organization.