Brian Windhorst clears up rumors about Kevin Durant and the Celtics


Rumors of a Celtics-Celtics trade involving Kevin Durant have been the talk of the NBA world since the beginning of the week.

But on Monday, ESPN senior writer Brian Windhorst took some time to quell some of that talk on Arizona Sports Radio.

Speaking 98.7:

I don’t think the Nets are actively negotiating right now. …I know it came out today, so it immediately comes to mind, but it’s not fresh talk. Right now, the Nets’ point of view is that if they can’t get their price, they’re going to ride out the storm. …They can start the season with Durant, or it could be a negotiating position.

This does not mean that the Nets and Celtics will not be able to return to the negotiating table and come up with something. However, in its current form, the potential deal does not have many teeth.

Although it seems to have affected the Boston All-Star forward Jason Brown.


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