Brexit document shows Netscape as modern software


With over 1,200 pages, the Brexit document presents important information about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. However, it seems that the drafters of the trade agreement are out of date with the technology.

Recently, Twitter users shared a number of comments about the text. In particular, Netscape and Mozilla Mail are referred to as “modern email software packages”. Launched in the 1990s, today they are considered obsolete.

The section on encryption technology also features a number of outdated data. This is a big surprise, given that the text had been revised by several analysts in recent months.

For example, the agreement recommends the use of the 1024-bit RSA cryptographic system and the SHA-1 security algorithm. Currently, both are classified as largely susceptible to cyber attacks because they are very old.

“It is clear that something is wrong in the writing of the article,” said an expert on the British website Hackday. “I venture to say that a tired civil servant simply copied excerpts from a security document from the late 1990s.”

Technology investment

After the information in the Brexit document passed on, the British government issued a statement on the matter. Thus, he declared that “the data establish the legally prescribed measures for cooperation”.

“We currently use the latest data sharing technology. The information is properly protected and follows the guidelines of the National Cybersecurity Center ”, adds the note.

Despite the lagging data seen in the agreement, the United Kingdom began trade negotiations with nations outside the EU, such as Japan, in June this year. According to Secretary of State Liz Truss, the intention is to establish the country as a “global technology superpower”.


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