Breweries giving away pints for used masks to customers!


In order to fight against the waste of used masks, American breweries offer to exchange them for pints of beer!

Breweries have found the solution to fight against the wastage of used masks.

If Covid-19 rhymes with a lot of not very pleasant things, it is also synonymous with waste. Particularly because of the abandonment of used masks and plastic gloves. Ouch…

Very often they are thrown all over the place in the garbage or on the streets. Thus, they invade public and natural space. Uncool !

In order to remedy this, American breweries, belonging to the Anheuser-Busch group, near Seattle and Washington D.C. have found the solution.

Thus, they joined forces with the recycling company TerraCycle, which has already teamed up with Burger King and Nestlé, for example. Here then !

They were then equipped with “Zero Waste Boxes” (ie waste boxes). They offer customers the opportunity to drop off their used gloves and masks.

The group explains that TerraCycle has “developed an innovative recycling solution where collected waste is cleaned, melted and reshaped to manufacture new products. Composite decks, outdoor furniture and reusable shipping pallets … “.

In exchange, the breweries offer those who want brewed beers or gift cards once their garbage has been recycled. So this is a great initiative. We hope to find her soon in France.

To be continued !


In 2020, all French producers of alcoholic drinks saw their figures drop. But among them, the brewers are undoubtedly those who have suffered the most. Because in this health crisis, beer has suffered from a triple handicap.

First, because beer is the beer the French consume the most when they are not at home. In normal times, French brewers sell 65% of their production to food distribution. So in supermarkets!

But that’s not all. There is also 20% at bars, brasseries and restaurants. As well as 15% to event organizers. This includes sports events, festivals, concerts or even weddings.

But with the closure of its premises and the cancellations of events, out-of-home sales plunged. “We were almost at zero with events and at -50% for cafes and restaurants,” recently explained the general delegate of Brasseurs de France. Which is not nothing!

In addition, brewers cannot store their production. Finally, the last handicap of French brewers is that they have very little presence beyond the borders. We hope that the situation will change very quickly!

And you, what do you think of the American brewery initiative? Would you like to see this land in France?


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