Brett McMurphy Reveals His Preseason AP College Football Newsletter


The Associated Press preseason college football poll is due to be published on Monday, August 15. But voter Brett McMurphy is already ready to announce his own election.

On Friday, McMurphy tweeted about his top 10 teams that will be released in 2022. Naturally, the combination of Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State took the first place on the list.

McMurphy gave the Crimson Tide, last year’s runner-up, first place, and reigning national champion Georgia took third place. Buckeyes took second place.

But it was McMurphy’s fourth choice, which is likely to cause some rejection. He chose the Miami Hurricanes, who have not been in the top five for a season since 2003.

Miami is entering its first year with team legend Mario Cristobal as head coach. Although expectations are higher, it’s hard to imagine them as a borderline playoff team.

Here are the Top 10 teams in the McMurphy AP Preseason vote:

Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Miami, Texas, Michigan State, Oregon, North Carolina State, Baylor

Notably absent from McMurphy’s top ten ballots are the Big 12 Titans from Oklahoma and Texas. In his ballots, Baylor turns out to be the best team.

Clemson is also missing from the top ten, despite expectations that they can enter the top four teams in the country.

The final vote may be a little more in line with generally accepted expectations, but McMurphy definitely has some thoughts worth discussing.

What do you think of McMurphy’s preseason vote?


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