Bret Hart shares some unexpected thoughts on Vince McMahon’s retirement


Vince McMahon’s retirement after an internal investigation conducted by the WWE board of directors caused a shock in the wrestling industry. Superstars past and present have been sharing statements since he retired, and now Bret Hart is among them. Hart, who has a complicated history with McMahon, suddenly reacted to all this.

Bret Hart told Sportskeeda about many things and during the conversation asked a question about Vince McMahon leaving WWE as CEO. It’s no secret that the two men had a difficult relationship in the past. Considering that Hart has a long history of saying things, even about guys like Hulk Hogan, many assumed that his words would be negative. They weren’t:

Like everyone else, I’m mostly just surprised. I don’t think anyone has ever left as big a footprint as Vince McMahon. I’m actually a little sad. I know people probably think I’m going to gloat or be happy to see him go through what he’s going through [through], but I don’t. I feel bad that this has happened, or something else has happened. I think his loss or his absence from the business will be greatly missed.

This is the guy who still calls Hulk Hogan a “fake piece of shit.” So it’s safe to assume that if he wanted to say something, he would have done it, but it’s certainly noteworthy that McMahon and Hart have buried the hatchet in recent years to the point where they’re at least talking. In fact, Hart appeared in WWE from time to time (although he was attacked once). Perhaps his current relationship with McMahon makes him a little kinder when he talks about the situation.

Wrestling fans may remember that Bret Hart’s feud with Vince McMahon goes back a long way, when the most notable incident between them is known as the “Montreal Fuck.” This moment lives in shame, and the wrestling world still continues to argue about what Hart knew and what McMahon falsified. This incident was the last time Hart was seen in the WWE ring in a long time.

Hart may be saddened by McMahon’s departure, but many WWE fans are excited about the current direction. Triple H has taken on the role of creative director, and he is already making quite noticeable changes. Fans welcomed the decision to turn Becky Lynch into a face again, and the unexpected return of Carrion Cross and Dexter Lumis to WWE certainly excited people about who else might show up.

Maybe Bret Hart isn’t too concerned about all of this and maybe sees some elements of Vince McMahon’s tenure that won’t continue into this new era for WWE. I think we just have to wait and see what changes will happen after a few months, and whether Hart is right about the former CEO, who is sorely missed.

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