Brendan Fraser Told How His Sons Helped Him Celebrate His First Oscar Nomination


Brenaissance has reached a new apogee after Brendan Fraser’s first Oscar nomination for his acclaimed role in the film “The Whale”. Fans couldn’t get enough of his career achievements. Of course, in true Frasier style, the “Mummy” star was taking everything into consideration when contemplating his comeback (something he wouldn’t necessarily call it). Like the fans, Fraser’s family was just as excited to celebrate this milestone in the beloved actor’s career. After his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor, Fraser told how his sons perfectly helped him celebrate this moment.

The Hollywood star told Variety about the cute and appropriate image, continuing her awards season at the AARP “Adult Films” awards ceremony. The celebration of the sons of Fraser corresponded to the modest attitude of the star, as they spent the whole birthday going to their father. Fraser was brief and simple, saying:

They brought me a cake and balloons.

A modest celebration couldn’t be more Brendan Fraser than a simple cake and balloons. Despite the fact that the celebration was pleasant, the cake that the Oscar nominee received was not just an ordinary store-bought or homemade cake. It was a classic Kit Fudge ice cream cake from Carvel. The Father’s Day staple was a must-have gift for every dad of the 1970s and 1980s on a special day. However, the Fraser boys decided that Oscar nomination day was just as important as Father’s Day, and Fudge was a suitable festive dessert. The real question is, did the cake have “Kit Dad!” written on top with icing?

The opportunity to eat an ice cream cake with your kids was not just another holiday for the Encino Man star. Fraser became sentimental when he reminded Hollywood merchants how important it was to celebrate his nomination with his sons.

This is my main memory.

It’s nice to know that the fact that he shared the legendary cake with his sons will become one of those memories that he will cherish for many years to come. Sometimes these simple moments appeal to a person’s heart, and not to some complicated extravaganza filled with pomp and circumstance.

After spending some time away from Hollywood, Brendan Fraser gets his flowers as he receives award nomination after nomination for “The Whale.” He appeared at all award ceremonies (except the Golden Globes). Fraser mentioned the thoughts of “surprise, amazement, happiness, hope and humility” that came over him, since his first name was “fulfillment of aspiration.” Right now, the race for best actor is between him and Austin Butler from Elvis. However, they will have to fight with other nominees Colin Farrell, Paul Mescal and Bill Nighy.

Of course, viewers will have to wait for the 95th Academy Awards ceremony on ABC on March 12 at 20:00 Eastern standard time to find out if Brendan Fraser will receive his first Oscar. Meanwhile, the Oscar nominee has several projects planned, including the western “Killers of the Flower Moon” directed by Martin Scorsese. Find out when these films will appear by checking out our movie schedule for 2023.


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