Brendan Fraser Reveals His Physical Transformation to China


Among all the critical accolades that the upcoming movie “The Whale” is receiving, Brendan Fraser’s performance as 600-pound Charlie gets special recognition both for his acting and for how the film was able to turn Fraser into a morbidly obese character. When the film was shown at TIFF, Fraser was asked to elaborate on what it was like to play Charlie.

Fraser described in detail what it was like to physically transform into a 600-pound Charlie during the filming of the movie “The Whale”. Fraser talked about what director Darren Aronofsky told him in advance before they started the film.

“He further explained that Charlie has several hundred and hundreds of extra pounds of body weight,” Fraser said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He then went into detail about what it took to physically create Charlie on screen, both in his appearance and in his personality. “To create this, we had to start with costumes, equipment, makeup. It will do scanning, 3D rendering, printing without a cast. Then more traditional applications. The actor gets up early and we all drink a lot. coffee and watch videos on youtube. Then maybe I’ll take a little nap. That’s how it all started. (Aronofsky) told me: “I’m making a movie,” that’s why I went.”

Keith is Fraser’s first starring role since he returned to Hollywood after all his personal problems, from his ugly divorce to the trauma he suffered both physically and sexually. Fraser was an A-List certified actor in the 1990s and 2000s, primarily due to his success in family adventures such as the Mummy franchise. Fraser dropped out of sight around the beginning of the 2010s, but is now returning to acting. Since Fraser tried to return, the Internet has shown its support, which he greatly appreciates.

With all the rumors that “The Whale” is Fraser’s best performance as an actor to date, it may well return him to the status he once had, or maybe even better than before. Fraser starred mainly in films for children when he was a highly paid actor. At the beginning of his career, he starred in several dramas, such as “School Ties” and “With Honors,” but once the “Mummy” franchise elevated him to the title role, Fraser did not appear in many dramas after that, or at least not in many popular ones. . Crash is an exception, but his role in this film was quite small. If Fraser is as good in “The Whale” as those who have seen him say, it could catapult him into a whole new stratosphere as an actor.

That Fraser succeeded in his comeback attempt certainly makes for one of the most moving stories in 2022. For anyone who has studied what has happened to Fraser since he got his way in Hollywood, it would be hard not to think he deserves everything he has. approaching him. Whether you’re a fan of his or not, all viewers can agree that Fraser didn’t deserve to go through all the injuries he suffered. He never got involved in arguments and did not call for performances. While the past remains the past, it’s nice to see Fraser’s future growing and growing.

The premiere of “The Whale” in cinemas will take place on December 9, 2022.


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