Brendan Fraser Apologized to San Francisco for George from the Snafu Jungle, but He May Have to Do Another One


Brendan Fraser is currently experiencing a career renaissance thanks to Darren Aronofsky’s film “The Whale”, which allows both fans (and the actor himself) to go back and review the films he made when he first became a star. There has been a lot of talk about Fraser’s time spent in the Mummy franchise, but the actor took a recent opportunity in the San Francisco Bay Area to apologize for what went wrong during the filming of George of the Jungle, and in doing so made a completely new mistake. .

Fraser recently attended the Mill Valley Film Festival (via SFGate) where “The Whale” was to be screened. Fraser has received an award, one of many he has already received, and another on the way to what could be an Oscar nomination. He told a story about the production of “George from the Jungle”, which took place in San Francisco and in the Big Bay area. He felt the need to apologize for the fact that the film stopped traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge during one of the scenes. The only problem was that he misunderstood the bridge. What Fraser said was…

When we were doing “George from the Jungle”, George goes to rescue a parachutist who got entangled in the Golden Gate Bridge. This means that Disney suspended the mannequin on a parachute to the racks. This caused traffic to stop on both sides of the bridge.

The problem, however, was that George from the Jungle was shooting a parachute scene not on the Golden Gate Bridge, but rather on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. This is another major bridge that leads to the city of San Francisco, but from the east, not from the north. The bridge has the wrong color, as seen in the image above, and the background located behind Fraser in this green screen image is not the view you would get from the Golden Gate Bridge.

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To be fair to Brendan Fraser, “George of the Jungle” was released in 1997, so it’s been a long time. It’s not that hard to forget which bridge you were working on and just remember it as the more famous of the two. Over the years, many films have been made about the Golden Gate. Although Fraser may have forgotten which bridge it all happened on, it’s not so shocking that he remembers the event itself, since it apparently caused a little commotion in the city that day. Fraser continues…

My trailer was on the other side of the parking lot. I just remember watching the Golden Gate Bridge. A paratrooper’s dummy is hanging on it. I had the TV on, and Oprah was interrupted because there was a special report with helicopters, which said that a parachute was hanging on the bridge.

Everything related to the shooting of the mannequin hanging from the bridge probably caused disruptions in itself, which led to some traffic problems, but then when people who didn’t realize it wasn’t a real person got the news, it’s easy to understand. to see how things would get out of control.

If Brendan Fraser’s career continues to grow, perhaps in a few years he will return to the Mill Valley Film Festival with a new Oscar contender and apologize for forgetting the name of the bridge.


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