BREATHTAKING! Fans Gasp As Netflix Releases Unseen “Sandman” Images for Morpheus’ Dream Realm


If you could go to your dream, how would you feel? These thoughts are not crazy, because the Lord of Dreams made us believe in this Land of Dreams. Well, the fans haven’t woken up from Dreaming yet. Let them stay there for a while. This is what the Sandman production wants right now. While the fandom still loves the Netflix Original series, the production gave them another reason to stay in love.

The American fantasy drama “The Sandman” was released on August 5, 2022. Since the series appeared on the streaming giant, it has broken many records. He instantly became a fan favorite because of Dreaming, the actors and the whole plot. The live-action film adaptation was the dream of the author of the original DC comic Neil Gaiman. Although Netflix has not yet announced more details about the production of the second season, it gave fans a pleasant surprise.

Fans haven’t finished the Sandman yet

The reason for getting a mostly positive response was the stunning design of the show. This Netflix Original is closest to the original source material. While fans fell in love with the characters, the production company published several previously unpublished photos of the kingdom of Lord Morpheus in Dreaming.

These pictures have become another reason for the fandom to demand a second season as soon as possible. From the very beginning of the series, we see the Dream in various forms. From the beautiful castle of Lord Morpheus to the ruined building, Greza has seen everything. Now these pictures are winning the hearts of fans.

Fans Want to Live in Dreaming

After seeing these dreamy pictures, fans want to leave this real world and move into a Dream. While many appreciated the visuals, some fans demanded the return of Gregory, whom they admired. Well, fans can’t resist expressing their admiration for the original books, the series and this castle.

While fans are falling in love with these photos, what do you think about them? Tell us about it in the comments box during the next broadcast of “The Sandman” on Netflix.


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