Breathtaking Aerial Photography Awards 2020


In its first year, the Aerial Photography Awards offer all kinds of images and exciting photos, from surreal helicopter landscapes to stunning cityscapes captured by drone. “For the first edition, the quality and variety of the award-winning photographs demonstrate the evolution of aerial photography and the standards it has reached today,” said Christophe Martin, founder of the contest. says.

Aerial Photography Awards 2020 host flawless photos

Photographers competed to be the first in 22 different categories in these shootings where the sky was under the spotlight. Photographers competing their photographs in categories such as human productions, nature, people, fine arts and real estate have enabled colorful photographs to emerge.


First Prize / Sebastien Nagy

The first prize was the photo named Hotels “Chromata” taken with a drone. This photograph taken by Sebastien Nagy is very satisfying in terms of architecture and shows itself with the dominance of blue color. This photograph, taken from the top of a hotel in Greece, became the most admired work.


Daily life first prize / Duy Sinh

The photograph The Lady of the Sea, which won the first prize in the daily life category, was created by the net, thrown from a fishing boat, revealing a female silhouette. This shot by Duy Sinh is from Vietnam.


Second Prize / Suirong Huang

The second prize winner is Suirong Huang, who photographed the International Financial Center in Hong Kong. The photographer who captures the foggy state of the building that looks like this once a year wins the second prize.

Photographers from 65 countries in total applied for the Air Photography Awards 2020. While Belgium was the scene of photographers who won the most awards with 10 awards, Russia became the second country with the most awards with nine awards. Eight of the UK photographers returned home with an award.


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