Breath of the Wild: speedrun proposes to ride on all creatures


Breath of the Wild: YouTuber JoeDun launched on Wednesday (7) a new challenge for his followers, promising cash prizes for those who reach records of a new category of speedrun. According to the content creator, players should mount all creatures in Breath of the Wild in the shortest possible time and without restrictions on the use of methods.

Just like the Mario franchise and classic shooters like Doom, Breath of the Wild has become a fever among speedrunners, who always find a way to invent a category to instigate fans to revisit the game. Now, another unprecedented challenge is proposed for the community, offering a financial stimulus for more players to engage.

In The Joedun Challenge, participants must hunt 11 creatures in the game in order to be able to assemble them as quickly as possible. These include all breeds of horses and deer, as well as the rare Lord of the Mountain and Sidon, Prince Zora, who is naturally assembled as part of the plot.

According to JoeDun, the challenge will be available until May 6, and will award the first place for $ 100, while the second and third receive $ 50 and $ 20 each, respectively. The requirements only require the run to be verified and submitted within the stipulated time limit.

Are you a fan of Zelda speedruns? Do you think that this category of mounts will give anything to talk about? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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