Breath Of The Wild: Fan Creates Their Own Version Of The Sequel


Breath Of The Wild: Nintendo Direct from E3 2021 brought long-awaited news about Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, including the distant release forecast for next year (2022). A fan who can’t wait any longer decided to create Breath of the Wild 2 himself, which he shows in a video as it turned out:

Of course we don’t have a complete game. At the moment, very little is known about what Nintendo is preparing for the sequel to its acclaimed Switch game, so there isn’t much material to work on.

But that didn’t stop Avatar Nick from trying. The fan of the game, who has a YouTube channel, was inspired by the scenes shown in the latest trailer and what has been said about the game to create some scenes that he imagines could happen in gameplay.

We can see Link passing through the islands in the sky, facing the stone giants of the Bokoblins and even having a boss fight – none other than Ganondorf himself.

To create combat against an undead Ganondorf, Avatar Nick resorted to a 3D-printed model of the character. Blender is compatible with these models, so the programmer just imported the files, painted the character and prepared some animations to put him in the game.

Of course, the end result has its limitations, but it’s a pretty captivating exercise in imagination, and it shows the dedication of one of Zelda’s most passionate fans: Breath of the Wild.


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