Breath of Fire: Capcom Registers New Brand Of Acclaimed RPG


A new record of Breath of Fire, Capcom’s famous RPG series, has been notarized in the United States. The medieval fantasy series follows the story of the warrior Ryu, a boy capable of transforming into a dragon, and Nina, a fairy princess with a pair of wings. Together, the duo stars in almost all the titles of the saga in anthological stories, lived by different versions of the characters.

The recently registered trademark does not specify whether it is a new title, a collection or just an update of the documentation in the west, but it could indicate the arrival of news soon.

So far, BoF has six releases in the main series and four spin-offs released for mobile phones in Japan. Here, only the first five titles in the saga of Ryu and Nina have been distributed, with Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, the The duo’s fifth adventure, coming exclusively to PlayStation 2.

The latest installment in the main series was released in Japan in 2016, when Breath of Fire 6 arrived with versions for PC and Android and iOS phones. So far there is no official information about a possible release of the game outside Japanese territory, but fans are looking forward to the possibility to finally be able to explore the city of Dragnier alongside Nina and Ryu.

Another possibility suggested and requested by players is a BoF collection with the first five games of the main saga, whether they are remasters or remakes. The idea would be interesting if Capcom has plans to release the sixth title here, introducing the franchise to a new generation of players while offering longtime fans the possibility to revisit the classics on current platforms.