Breaking Bad: Why Walter’s birthdays were a key element for the series


Starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the famous Breaking Bad stood out with a magnificent story interpreted by talented stars of the entertainment industry whose excellence generated two very important derivatives that were in charge of tying up the possible loose ends that could have remained, the film El Camino and the celebrated prequel series Better Call Saul currently still airing. There are many interesting details seen on the screen that are still of interest among his fans, one of them refers to time.

From the moment Breaking Bad debuted it was known that it would become a cult drama full of twists and turns, plus tons of amazing scenes throughout. The interesting story of chemistry professor Walter White, who ended up becoming one of the best methamphetamine producers in the world of drug trafficking, presented such an impressive transformation on screen that it could almost make us lose track of the time in which the fiction takes place in the five seasons. , if it weren’t for one small detail.

Released in 2008 and ending in 2013, with five full seasons on screen showing the rise and fall of its main character, the timeline in which Breaking Bad takes place is surprisingly short, taking place in just two years. Proof of this is that in the first episode we see on screen the celebration of Walter White’s 50th birthday (Bryan Cranston).

Walt’s birthday was the only legitimate time marker the series showed during its broadcast years. By avoiding family parties or annual celebrations, the lifespan of the characters became a very difficult element for viewers to pin down. Without those kinds of thematic episodes, show creator Vince Gilligan made sure viewers were totally engrossed in the arc of mild-mannered Professor White becoming the fearsome Heisenberg without any clich├ęd holiday distractions.

The build-up to certain events in the series was made possible by Gilligan’s experience in laying the groundwork when it came to the series’ continuity. Despite airing for five years, the fictional Breaking Bad chronology lasted a total of two years since Walter started distributing the drugs, considering the last time we saw the now-Heisenberg character celebrating a holiday was when in the show he turned 52.

This item was part of the long list of smart moves made by the producers on Breaking Bad, known to be full of details and other visual clues or references throughout its on-screen run. From color symbolism to phrases and objects, writers and directors counted on their fans to pick up clues and make predictions based on what they saw, such as Walter White’s birthdays.