Breaking Bad: The Mistake Producers Thought Fans Would Never Notice


Five broadcast seasons (2008-2013) were enough for Breaking Bad to become the series that marked a before and after in productions of its genre, to the point that it not only featured a film sequel called El Camino and a hit A critically and widely praised prequel spin-off titled Better Call Saul, which is approaching its sixth batch of episodes. It has also shown that, regardless of the time, it continues to capture the interest of new generations of fans who discover it on different online platforms.

Starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, leading a talented cast of performers and a dedicated production team, whose efforts have been reflected in a magnificent staging of a story about the world of drug trafficking told in a way never seen before. . The story of the rise and fall of a quiet ordinary high school chemistry teacher who became a drug boss has gripped audiences since his debut more than a decade ago.

Although one of the main attractions of the series has to do with the impeccable clarity of the intricate structure of its story and the way in which the different narrative arcs are related, added to the excellent synchronization of each of its scenes, no one would expect that In a series of the magnitude of Breaking Bad, no mistakes occurred during the recordings that were even overlooked during the editing of each season during the post-production stage. What its creators did not tell is that its most staunch fans noticed even the almost imperceptible.

One of the most fleeting and talked about mistakes has to do with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), a pivotal character in the history of crime drama, as he became Walter’s (Bryan Cranston) partner in crime in the production of methamphetamine. Whose presence was carefully planned; both in narrative and in his physical appearance on screen.

The scene belongs to season 5 of the show, in episode 13 called, “To’hajiilee”, but to see the detail you have to pay some attention, since it is very short. It begins at the beginning of the episode, specifically at minute 7:50. The scene begins with a sequence that features Jesse Pikman in the kitchen of DEA agent Hank Schrader’s (Dean Norris) home, after being arrested and in hiding for that Walter does not find him after the latter discovered his true identity.

In the scene, while Hank puts together a charade to make believe that he has killed Jesse and thus force one of Saul Goodman’s assistants (Bob Odenkirk) to reveal where White hid the money from cooking meth. Clearly Jesse is seen at first wearing a black hoodie and red lettering. But when Agent Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada), Hank’s partner enters the scene, Jesse is seen wearing only a long-sleeved flannel without the garment that he had been seen in just seconds ago on screen. The sweatshirt appears and disappears as the sequence progresses until it ends.

Once it was seen on screen and from then until today, from time to time fans have not hesitated to talk about this fleeting error after it was discovered by a user on the Reddit forums, because if it is repeated several times it is usually fun to change sweatshirts over and over again. Although, it’s just a funny little bug that doesn’t affect the enjoyment of the chapter one way or another.