Breaking Bad: The inexplicable clumsiness that the series criticized by fans showed


Only five seasons of transmission (2008-2013) were enough for Breaking Bad to become the series that marked a before and after in the productions of its genre, which earned it the film sequel entitled El Camino and its famous praised spin-off by critics and audiences entitled Better Call Saul. It has also shown that, regardless of time, it continues to capture the interest of new generations of fans who discover it on various online platforms, earning it high praise and also some inevitable criticism.

His innovative way of telling an original story about the rise and fall of a quiet and ordinary high school chemistry teacher transformed into an ingenious and cruel producer of the most perfect methamphetamine in the world of drug trafficking. Captivating audiences since its debut more than a decade ago, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, fronted by a talented cast of performers and a dedicated production team, their efforts were rewarded by recognition in the entertainment industry.

While one of the biggest draws of The Breaking Bad lies in the impeccable clarity of its intricate story structure and the way the various narrative arcs are linked, it was only natural to expect that its production would make some mistakes. But there was one in particular that in the opinion of the fans is inexplicable considering how well structured its narrative was built.

As you may recall, in Breaking Bad Walter, after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, White (Bryan Cranston) decided to help his family by accumulating a lot of money through the production of one of the purest methamphetamines on the underworld drug market. . As a result of that decision, the character was transformed into a ruthless criminal who called himself Heisenberg, hungry to conquer more power and wealth.

It was during that excessive career full of Walter’s ambition in the world of drug cartels, when fans of the series consider that he made one of the worst mistakes seen in the entire series and that it was undoubtedly an important part of his resounding fall. in his criminal career, we refer to the way he handled the large sums of money that he accumulated as a result of the production and sale of methamphetamine.

Walter White managed to collect many millions of dollars, despite the fact that he already had enough for the purpose initially planned, the ambition played against him. As time passed, he wanted to have more money, the problem began when he received it in cash and accumulated it and kept it in the same place that was changed a couple of times, instead of dividing it and distributing it wisely or even depositing it in tax havens.

Whether it’s locked away in a warehouse or buried in barrels in the desert, fans still wonder how such an intelligent man couldn’t think of the great risk he was taking by making such a clumsy decision, as indeed he did. Many wonder how it did not occur to her that his financial stability would disappear completely in the event that his fortune was stolen or destroyed, he would lose everything at the same time. An action that any criminal in real life would never do.