Breaking Bad Named the Best Series of the 21st Century


According to the results of the survey conducted by Lad Bible, the best series of the 21st century was Breaking Bad. According to the survey participants, a better series has not been published in the last 20 years. The production’s competitors were also very geared.

Almost everyone has a favorite series. There are series that many people have finished over and over. In general, it is not easy to choose the best series of the 21st century, everyone has different preferences.

Wanting to come to a conclusion on this issue, Lad Bible asked her followers which series they thought was the best series of the last century. Then, as a result of highly contentious matches, the best series of the past 20 years was determined.

Game of Thrones couldn’t beat Breaking Bad

Normally, it is advantageous if the series have crowded staff. Thus, the risk of blockage of the story is reduced, and if the characters are balanced there are more stories to be told throughout the series.

A similar situation is noticeable in the survey. We see that the productions with a crowded staff make up the majority of the series chosen by the followers. Breaking Bad had only 2 lead actors, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

The production struggled with Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things and Mad Men in the semifinal. The production, which received 50.2% of the total votes, managed to outstrip its competitors. The winner of the other semi-final was Game of Thrones. After that final, the series was not really expected to win this final.

Breaking Bad is the best of this century

Breaking Bad, which received 50.8% of the 11,429 games used in the final, managed to be the best series of the past 20 years, leaving behind Game of Thrones, which lasted 8 seasons and created a huge sensation.

Voted followers compared two versions of The Office series, while some users wondered how the GoT series outperformed The Wire. It was also noted that serials such as The Big Bang Theory were not involved in the fight. What do you think was the best drama of this century? If you had such a survey for Turkish TV series, which one would you give your vote to?


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