Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman Seen On Chemistry Book Cover


Breaking Bad: A very curious image has been circulating on some international news portals. In it, you can see a chemistry book whose cover is stamped by the character Jesse Pinkman, from Breaking Bad, played by Aaron Paul over five seasons, wearing typical personal protective equipment for laboratory manipulations.

According to press reports, a Reddit user would have shared the image for the first time on the forum in question, showing the iconic character in a book originating in Sri Lanka. However, none of the portals was able to check if the information is true and if the book really comes from the country mentioned by the internet user.

Check out the book cover photo (in low quality):

Breaking Bad: Who is Jesse Pinkman in the series?

Breaking Bad was very successful throughout its original airing, even though it contained controversial episodes such as the infamous chapter of the fly, which divides fans to this day.

In the series starring Bryan Cranston, a chemistry professor discovers he has terminal cancer. With this, he decides to change his perspective on life by becoming involved in a dangerous scheme that consists of the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine. For this, the character has the help of a former student, in this case Jesse Pinkman.

During the episodes, and progressively, Walter White and he develop a very deep relationship, which would even be unlikely given their personal backgrounds.

Even the production, created by Vince Gilligan and released in 2008, had its 1st season directly affected by the strike of the writers union in the United States, which occurred in late 2007. Despite this, the series managed to win over viewers in a unique and still winning about sixteen Emmy Awards, eight Satellite Awards and two Golden Globes.

No wonder Breaking Bad managed to catch the attention of even chemistry book producers. What did you think of this cover? Let’s wait for more news on this subject!


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