Breaking Bad: Housewife Of The Series Got Tired Of Pizzas On The Roof


Breaking Bad fans will remember when Walter White (Bryan Cranston), frustrated at not having dinner with his family, drops a pizza on the roof of his house. What has become an iconic scene for fans is now a problem for the true owners of the property, Francis and Louis Padilla.

Even after seven years since the last episode of the series, the couple still have to deal with fans throwing pizzas on their roof. And they are tired of it.

Breaking Bad: owners can’t stand to see pizzas anymore

In an interview with NPR, Francis Padilla says he can’t stand to see pizza in his house anymore. And that at times she sits in a rocking chair in front of the house with a shotgun in her hand to try to stop the fans.

Things got so bad that the family started building an iron fence around the property to stop the pitchers. Unfortunately, that alone wasn’t enough and people keep trying the same way.

Breaking Bad creator and screenwriter Vince Gilligan urged fans to leave the family alone. In an episode of the Better Call Saul Insider podcast, Gilligan said that it’s not original or funny to throw a pizza on the roof and that if one of the fans sees this happening it’s to write down the pitcher’s license plate and report him.


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