Breakdown of the August Monthly Awards in MLB The Show 22


MLB The Show 22 Monthly Awards and the Lightning Player program in Diamond Dynasty have arrived, bringing new elite cards for August 2022. Many Major League Baseball players had a great August, but no one was better than Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he was rewarded with a Lightning Player card.

The MLB The Show 22 monthly awards celebrate real achievements on the field. Every week, new players are added in the form of Topps Now cards, each of which has trials attached to it. Since players want to replenish their roster with the best available Diamond Dynasty cards, the Monthly Awards program is a chance to get players with a high rating without spending money.

Receiving monthly MLB Awards The Show 22. Players

After completing all the tasks of this month, players will receive new Topps Now cards and 65 stars of the program, which will allow them to move to stage 2 of the program. In stages 2 and 3, they can start earning Monthly Awards player cards, for a total of six 96 players and three 98 players:

Alexis Diaz, Cincinnati Reds, CP – 96 OV Christian Walker, Arizona Diamondbacks, 1B – 96 OV George Kirby, Seattle Mariners, SP – 96 OV Jeff McNeil, New York Mets, 2B – 96 OV Lars Nootbaar, St. Louis Cardinals, RF – 96 OV Peter Fairbanks, Tampa Bay Rays, CP – 96 OV Alex Bregman, Houston Astros, 3B – 98 OV Randy Arosarena, Tampa Bay Rays, RF – 98 OV Zach Gallen, Arizona Diamondbacks, SP – 98 OV

Highlighting the group of 96 as a whole is closer Peter Fairbanks and Alexis Diaz, who have 7th and 8th place in the best meta-ratings in their position according to Showzone, which makes them one of the best pitchers in MLB The Show 22. Hands with bullpens at a height of Diamond. Dynasty is an online game, so having a large number of strong pitchers with good speed and high H/9 attributes will serve the players well.

Jeff McNeil had a terrific August with a .385 average and 11 RBIs, and his Monthly Awards card placed him in the top ten second basemen in MLB The Show 22. With the abundance of elite outfielders and first basemen in Diamond Dynasty this year, players like Lars Nootbaar and Christian Walker will be less useful for many lineups, but they are still useful to earn for future collections.

Each of the 98 community cards will suffer the same fate as Arizona’s Zach Gallen, who only ranks 19th among the best meta ratings among starting pitchers, despite having a good set of pitches to use. Alex Bregman scored .362 with 22 calves, but his lack of strength compared to right-handed pitching makes him more of a collector’s item than a starting third baseman in Diamond Dynasty. Unfortunately, the same can be said about Randy Arosaren, who is not among the top ten outfielders of the game, despite the fact that his overall rating is 98.

Getting the Lightning Mookie Betts Card from MLB The Show 22

By completing additional tasks and earning some XP, players will eventually receive 150 stars of the program, and this is where the Diamond Dynasty rewards are really good. Within each Monthly Awards program, you can earn two Lightning players: one legendary and one active player. The legend will be the player who had an unforgettable August in the past, and the current one will become the player of the month at any time period, in this case August 2022.

Attributes compared to a right-handed serve are the most important for a player in any position, and Jim Tom’s Lightning Legend card has a maximum rating of 125 in both cases thanks to his stunning August 1996. Tom’s card has a metering of 84.47, making him the 6th best third baseman in MLB The Show 22 and a hitting machine. His defensive ratings and lack of speed are low, but players will definitely not make a mistake by adding him to their lineups.

Mookie Betts is the ultimate goal of the August Monthly Awards program, as his card has very strong qualities that will help almost any MLB club The Show Diamond Dynasty. In fact, the Mookie Betts Lightning card is the 4th highest rated card in the entire game and the second highest rated player card after Andrew McCutchen. Incredibly balanced at the plate with strong qualities compared to right and left serve, Betts is also the best player at second base, despite the fact that it is a secondary position. The strength and balance of his attributes make Mookie Betts a must-have card in any Diamond Dynasty player.

MLB The Show 22 is now available for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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