Breakdown of Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hunter Gameplay


As Christopher Odd urges in the latest demo of Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay, fans should not underestimate or overlook the new main character of the Marvel game, the Hunter. Marvel’s “Midnight Suns” include many popular Marvel characters, and so it’s easy for fans to get the attention of characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and/or Doctor Strange. Since these characters get an original approach, it’s interesting to see how each character’s abilities will translate into card battles and Marvel Midnight Suns social role-playing games.

However, Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Hunter gameplay has some unique features that fans won’t find anywhere else. Playing the narrative mysticism of the Hunter character, players will be able to earn and improve cards from three separate branches: power, light and darkness. Each has its own merits, and it seems that players will be able to mix and match them with each other or fully dedicate their Hunter to one branch if they want. Odd states that there are many other mechanics and features available for the Hunter, but this demo focuses solely on their map branches.

The Hunter’s power branch is dealing damage

The first branch that Odd discusses is the power branch, and as the name suggests, it focuses on making the Hunter a “strong damage dealer”. There are 10 unique maps in each branch, and some of them are shown in Odd’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay demo. For example, the Hunter’s Wrath skill card applies Critical to the Hunter cards that are currently in the player’s hand, as well as to all Hunter cards that players receive during the next two turns. Critical is an effect that increases the damage dealt to the target, giving the Hunter a significant increase in damage if his cards are drawn.

After the improvement, Wrath becomes free and can even bring players more cards. The Heroic Hunter’s Rage card imposes one vulnerability that increases the damage received by 50 percent. After the upgrade, Rage introduces a Finale, after which the Hunter becomes unable to act, and overlays two Marked Ones, which return the card when the marked target is knocked out. In addition, another improvement gives heroism when redrawn, which makes Rage an exceptional card to improve due to its many subsequent abilities.

The Heroic Hunter’s Patience card is an interesting strategy in which it initially costs six units of heroism, although after each move with it in the player’s hand, its heroism value decreases by one.

The damage to Patience is phenomenal, so it’s worth waiting, although it comes with Exhaustion, and a late-game update gives the player’s card to take cards with knockouts. Finally, the heroic card “Whirlwind of Hunter Blades” applies Forceful Knockback in AoE.

The light branch of the hunter is engaged in support

The second branch that Odd discusses is the light branch, bringing more mystique to the Hunter’s style of play in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Odd describes it as a support class offering “heroism generation, healing, healing, and reinforcement.”

Interestingly, some cards can be unlocked by playing more in a particular branch or by playing a mix of cards from different branches. The legendary Light Branch card is the heroic Charley’s Summon card, which summons the Hellhound of the Abbey for three turns with its own cards. It’s a strange tease that players might want to protect Charlie on the battlefield at any cost, but doesn’t want to delve into that feeling. Instead, Odd continues to show off the heroic Hunter Holy Burst card, in which players choose an area of action to deal damage to any enemies and heal all allies inside. The healing buff increases by 50 percent when upgrading, and also increases the AoE range.

Finally, Odd introduces the Hunter’s Holy Gift skill card and calls it “perhaps one of the strongest cards in the entire game.” Holy Gift is quite exceptional, as it does not allow you to discard the next Hunter card played, even if it is a card with Exhaust. When improved, this ability is applied to any hero card, not just Hunter cards, which gives the player incredible potential.

Many Midnight Suns cards from Hunter’s Marvel can use this skill card effectively, such as Charlie’s Summon, and can also help offset the weight of some dark branch cards. Odd predicts that the light branch will be a “fan favorite,” and it’s easy to see why, since it is the brightest of the three branches, although a combination of all three may be recommended.

The Dark Branch of the Hunter is a compromise between damage and control over the arena.

The third and final branch that Odd discusses is the dark branch, which seems similar to the power branch, but with more dark forces due to the Hunter’s relationship with Lilith. For example, the Hunter Mind Lord skill card allows players to target an enemy and force them to attack the closest ally before it runs out.


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