Bread Ravenell says that the filming of “Southern Charm” “accelerated” his breakup with Catherine Dennis: what went wrong


Fight against public pressure. Bread Ravenell said that the filming of “Southern Charm” “accelerated” his separation from Catherine Dennis, highlighting all the problems they had in their relationship.

“It all started well,” the 32—year-old former college athlete tells Us Weekly exclusively about the end of her romance with 30-year-old Dennis, before explaining that they got into a “speed bump” when he realized she wasn’t being honest with him. “She didn’t tell me what she went through. She told me she was going through court cases and stuff that [involved] her children and custody battles… She didn’t tell me about her relationship [with the actors].” Dennis shares 8-year-old Kensi and 6-year-old Saint with former film partner Thomas Ravenel.

Ravanell continues: “I just came blindly to help her. And then somehow everything fell on me. And when I expressed my feelings to her, [her reaction] was more like, “Oh, you’re a grown man.” You should be able to handle it.”

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The South Carolina native adds that he was naive about how participating in a reality show would affect their relationship. “I thought maybe it would bring us together,” he tells Us. “Because I’ve never been on a show before. And she says to me, “This will tear us apart.” I thought: “No, no, we’ll get closer.” [But] it tore us apart.

Although there were rumors that the duo broke up because of her children, Ravenell says that the “turning point” came when he began to feel undervalued by his then girlfriend. “I didn’t feel like everything I had to do mattered too much to her because of what she had been through,” he explains. “She didn’t have room in her head to really think about what the hell I was going through, and I can’t blame her for that, but I mean… it just got to the point where we just had to just break it down. turned off.”

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He continues, “Every time we made a movie, it was just an argument. …It was getting petty. So we’re like, “You know what? We should just break it off.”

Although Ravenell and the reality TV personality don’t talk anymore, he doesn’t hold grudges. “It’s for the best, but I’m sad because I’ve been through a lot with her. That’s why I always wish her all the best. I will always love her, only from a distance,” he says, adding that he hopes that she “and the children will be fine.”

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After everything she and Dennis have been through, Ravenell is only interested in sharing his future relationship on a reality show on one condition. “I would if I were married,” he adds. “I feel like [with] reality shows and producers, if you’re not married, then any little thing, they’ll try [to separate you]. But if you’re married, then… you have such a strong connection. I don’t think the producers or any of them will actually come after that.”

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi