Bre Tiesi Answered a Bunch of Questions About Children With Nick Cannon and Explained How She Really Feels About Him


In 2022, Nick Cannon had five children, bringing the total number of the actor’s children to 12, distributed among their six mothers. His unconventional lifestyle has been a big topic of conversation over the past few years, and some of his parenting partners, including Brae Tizi—the mother of Cannon’s eighth child, Legendary Love—have spoken out in defense of their polyamory to people who have problems with wrapping. their heads are around the situation. To that end, it’s no surprise when the new cast of “Sunset Sale” invited her followers to ask her anything, “besides the father of my child,” there were still some who didn’t follow the directions.

Bre Tiese played along by mentioning Nick Cannon in several Instagram Stories responses, including one particularly hilarious question about what made her join the “cult” and whether she was involved in a “contract pregnancy.” Tezi replied:

You all need help to get pregnant 😂 I love Nick, I love the man he is and the father he is. Come up with whatever you want and justify non-traditional relationships, it doesn’t bother us 👋

At least she can laugh about it! It’s funny—but sad at the same time — that people can’t understand why Bre Tiesi and other mothers chose non-monogamous relationships, assuming (albeit jokingly) that they should either be involved in a cult or in some other relationship. a kind of children’s enterprise. Tiesi responded to the curious party by explaining that it’s as simple as she loves Nick Cannon, and she loves him as the father of her child.

She further mentioned the Wild ‘n Out host when asked about her parenting style. One of her subscribers noted how attentive she is to the little legendary love, and Bre Teezy said that she and Nick Cannon are working together to become the parents their son deserves. According to her:

I have full intention to do all the inner work. and Nick and I also devote time to working together to be the best versions of ourselves for him. my son will be the most pampered, loved, supported child, he is my number one priority to have the best I can provide, but more importantly, maximum affection, love and to be completely attentive whenever I enter this house.

Bre Tiesi openly told that she was criticized when it became known that Nick Cannon was expecting baby No. 8. The legendary Love was born in June 2022, but the parents kept the birth of their baby a secret for several weeks while Tizi was recovering from the delivery. In addition to defending their relationship, the new star of the Netflix reality show also spoke out for how Cannon finds time for all of his children – although The Masked Singer host recently admitted he feels guilty about being divided between work and children.

At the moment, we don’t know of any little lumps of joy on the way for Nick Cannon, who seems to have proven in a new ad that he has no problem making fun of his sex life. I think we’ll have to wait and see. We’ll also be able to see more of the movie when season 6 of “Sunset Sales” premieres, but those with a Netflix subscription can catch up on the first five seasons while we wait.


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