Bre Teezy reveals why she and Nick Cannon kept the birth of the legendary love cannon a secret from fans


Despite all his diverse talents and achievements, Nick Cannon has earned a reputation in recent years as one of the most prolific originators in Hollywood. The creator of Wild ‘n Out, who is responsible for each of his children, recently took part in the announcement of the birth of his eighth child, whose beautiful name is Legendary Love Cannon, together with the mother of a tiny child, model Brae Tizi. However, as it turns out, this birth announcement was not published immediately after that, as Tiesi said that the little Legend was actually born on June 28, and that she deliberately kept this news from spreading immediately after the birth of the child.

Together with friends, fans and subscribers who celebrated the new joy of Bra Teezy and Nick Cannon, some tried to figure out what was happening after the model and influential person posted a photo from a workout in the gym. Around the same time, Tiesi invited fans to ask her everything related to her pregnancy, childbirth and the life of a young mother, and posted some of her answers on Instagram Stories. After someone asked how she trains so fast, Tiesi shared that Legendary was born earlier than many probably expected, saying:

When you have a natural birth, you actually recover much faster! I waited 3 weeks to get clean, and calmed down by listening to my body.

After another fan asked a similar question, suggesting that she let her body heal, Tiesi responded by saying that she was healed and that her baby was now a month old. Which naturally prompted someone else to ask how she managed to keep the news from being published during all this time. In response, she mentioned their unsuccessful attempt to hold a baby shower ceremony, saying:

Rzhunimagu. I planned to keep my entire pregnancy a secret and announce when he was born or his first birthday, etc. Butt, someone sold me out a few months later… After that, I knew I would never say how far I had come, and I had enough photos to keep writing as if I was pregnant. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… You all see what I want you to see.

At the time, part of the decision to postpone the public disclosure of Tiesi’s pregnancy was due to how close this news came to the tragic death of Nick Cannon’s son Zen at the age of five months. Cannon didn’t want to seem disrespectful to Zen’s mother, Alyssa Scott, and also had his own mental difficulties allowing himself to celebrate while still mourning.

A very personal video about the birth, which Bre Teezy shared on YouTube and in other social media posts, showed her, Cannon and their baby in a variety of places and outfits, so it really seemed like they would have been exhaustingly busy if Legendary had actually been born when the news was announced.

Bra Teezy also addressed the question of why they decided to keep the birth a secret for so long, reflecting on the negative criticism on the Internet that she faced for being the mother of one of Nick Cannon’s children. According to her:

I took my time because I wanted to enjoy my son and family and let my body, mind and soul find true peace to recover and accept every moment. The Internet is a dark, unpleasant place, and it was the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done. I’m glad I made this choice. I would [be] too fragile right after… The fact that people go out of their way to say the most horrible things to people they don’t know, and [their] goal is to cause pain and anger. and that even such a beautiful thing as a new life cannot filter out their hatred and malice. I had to protect my son.

One can only hope that Bre Teezy, Nick Cannon and the legendary Love Cannon will be able to avoid all kinds of negativity in the future over time. Although such conversations will no doubt surface if and when Abby De La Rosa is rumored to give birth to Cannon’s ninth child.


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