Brazilians can decide if they want to see ads on Facebook


With the approaching of the presidential elections in the United States and the municipal elections in Brazil – this one that will be held to elect the councilors and mayors of Brazilian cities – Facebook started to give more options of controls to users regarding the ads that are shown on their platforms , which involves both Facebook and Instagram itself.

As we saw in June, the company has already started to implement – in the United States – the option for people to decide whether or not they want to see advertisements paid by politicians or election advertisements on both social networks.

Now, this service also extends to Brazil. With this, the social network in the country will also allow this feature to increase the control by the user and the transparency of the platform. To make changes in relation to the ads just navigate to the “Ads Preferences” tab on Facebook or “Ads topic preferences” on Instagram.

In these tabs, in addition to the control to block or unblock the ads, the user can also search for more information about how they work.

Identification of paid advertisements or electioneering

In addition to the control of ad blocking, Facebook also announced that those responsible for posting paid advertisements or election advertisements on platforms must be properly identified, in addition to having to confirm that they reside in the country. For this, they will have the option to provide either their CPF or CNPJ for the appropriate purposes.

In addition, any publication of a paid advertisement or election advertisement must bear the seal identifying it as such. It is on account of this identification that the user will have control of blocking the ads.

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The social network also highlights that if the user blocks a content and still continues to see political advertisements on the platforms, he will be able to report the content to the community of company moderators.


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