Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1 may be out of control


The Brazilian satellite Amazônia-1, successfully launched last week, may be experiencing problems in its orbit. According to evidence found by experts, the device may be out of control, which can hinder data capture.

Folha de S. Paulo reports that experts found signal irregularities when analyzing the satellite, which may be an indication that something is wrong with the device. The first capture was revealed yesterday morning (2) on Twitter USA Satcom, which indicated possible problems in the rotation of the Amazon-1.

While the first alert could be just a reception error, the same behavior was repeated later. A tracker from Italy provided the same diagnosis on the satellite about seven hours after the publication of USA Satcom.


If the problem is confirmed, it may be that the Amazon-1 is having problems with its altitude control, according to Marcelo Zurita, a member of the Brazilian Astronomical Society (SAB). “Attitude control is the system that keeps the satellite ‘oriented’ in space, pointing in the right direction,” explained the specialist to Olhar Digital.

The failure can leave the Amazon-1 destabilized, which should disrupt the operation of the image capture device. The satellite has a system capable of taking photos at a resolution of 64 meters per pixel, but a deeper control error can hinder the mission of capturing data, reports journalist Salvador Nogueira, of the column Sideboy Messenger at Folha de S. Paulo.

INPE did not comment on the matter

So far, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) has not officially commented on the matter. The Column Messenger Sideral got access to messages from a group on Telegram with engineers involved in the project, who said they were not authorized to talk about the current state of Amazonia-1.


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