Brazilian programmer fixed one of the SNES issues


Brazilian programmer Vitor Vilela, expert in Super Nintendo ROMS hack, continues to impress the gamer community with his achievements, being responsible for updating the cartridge chips to more modern versions and without suffering the impact of one of the biggest problems of the SNES : the low CPU clock speed.

The SA-1 chip, also known as “Super Accelerator 1”, arrived late on the Super Nintendo, something that hindered the performance of some games that did not receive the update in their cartridges. Thus, not all titles could benefit from improvements such as reduced CPU processing, faster RAM and other mapping features.

Fortunately, through hack and programming, Brazilian software developer Vitor Vilela is getting around one of the console’s biggest problems. By correcting the deceleration flaws in games like Gradius III, Contra III, Super Mario World, Super R-Type, Super Castlevania IV and many others, the programmer gives a new life to games, which flow in a totally different way from their versions originals. Check the result below.

Although it is not a definitive solution to the problem, according to the words of the creator of the hack “FastROM”, it is undeniable the change in the quality of the games, especially when compared to the originals, which suffered from freezing and slowness during the game.

What did you think of these new remakes of the SNES classics? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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