Brazilian Police Distribute People to Beaches Despite Coronavirus with Interesting Method


One of the countries affected by the coronavirus epidemic is Brazil. The country has sacrificed 46 citizens to this virus to date. However, some people still do not follow the advice of the authorities. As such, Brazilian police resorted to an interesting method of guiding people in their homes.

The coronavirus epidemic, which occurred in Wuhan, China and spread to almost every part of the world in a short time, put the world in an extraordinary process. While the World Health Organization has declared the virus in question as a pandemic, a global epidemic, some countries have lost thousands of citizens due to this virus. As such, the authorities had to take extraordinary measures for this crisis process.

The simplest way to avoid a coronavirus outbreak is not to leave the house. Because this virus can be transmitted through the respiratory tract and its transmission speed is extremely high. Therefore, it is critical for people to stay in their homes, not to catch the virus in some way and to infect it with their loved ones. In this context, some governments even impose curfew on their citizens.

Now we will take you to Brazil. There are 2,247 confirmed cases in the country so far, and 46 of these cases have died. As such, the Brazilian government warned its citizens not to go out on the streets. However, in Brazil, like the rest of the world, some people do not attach enough importance to this epidemic and continue to gather on the beaches and swim.

Brazilians, who did not take measures against the coronavirus epidemic, caused the country police to take action. Brazilian police flew over the Galheta coast with a police helicopter they lifted in the city of Florianopolis. The reason for this flight was to create a sand storm along the beach and force people on the beach to evacuate. This practice of the Brazilian police seems to have reached its goal for now.

According to the statements made by the Brazilian police, this low flight on the Galheta beach enabled the beach to empty in the first place. However, people who were not aware of this practice, the flight was repeated as they began to gather on the beach. Brazilian police say this practice will continue for a while, and continues to warn local people not to come to the beaches.

Those images taken from a low flying helicopter on the Galheta coast

Brazil is one of the countries where the gangs who are heading the state and doing illegal works are also popular. However, COVID-19 has also brought criminal gangs and the state together. The gangs say that people who do not comply with the state’s decisions will be punished by themselves. We think that this event clearly reveals the coronavirus’s extraordinary situation to the world.