Brazilian plans to spend 46% less on Black Friday 2020


The month of November marks one of the largest sales periods in the world, Black Friday, scheduled for the 27th in 2020. This year’s scenario will be slightly different from that seen in other periods due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Cuponation made a survey to see how the Brazilian purchase projection will be.

According to data released by the study, this year the average spending value of the Brazilian should be around R $ 620, which represents a 46% decrease in comparison with what was seen in 2019, when local consumers said they had the intention to invest R $ 1,350 in purchases.

Another data mentioned in the study are some of the categories that are likely to be most sought after by buyers. For 2020, the bets are that the technology session will be the most sought after, with virtual assistants, smart lamps, televisions, notebooks and Wi-Fi repeaters as the most targeted items.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to technology, in 2019 we had vehicles, cell phone plans, financial services and non-alcoholic beverages on the list of items with the highest purchase intention for Black Friday.

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