Brazilian data leak hides malware [Exclusive]


Journalists, activists, hackers, researchers, analysts, police and government officials or just curious people, everyone who downloaded the file containing the personal information of 223 million Brazilians was possibly exposed to a highly dangerous trojan. There is no way to list how many downloads have been made, let alone how many citizens have been exposed.

On January 11, an unprecedented leak in Brazil exposed confidential information to 223 million citizens. The case scared many people because of the amount of information that was exposed, which facilitated the application of scams and fraud. The Federal Police said, on Wednesday (04), that they are already investigating the case; Meanwhile, Minister Alexandre Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), also added the case to the fake news inquiry, which has been underway at the STF since last year.

The leak data is not completely new, it is not part of the same company and there is a potential ransomware in the file

In the early hours of today (05), the case took a turnaround: the data in the leak is not entirely new, it is not part of the same company and there is a potential ransomware loaded by possibly legitimate modified software, infecting the people who downloaded it the files.

According to an anonymous source linked to TecMundo, which operates in the cybersecurity area, the malicious software present in the data leak file is a trojan that, at some future time defined by the cybercriminal who developed it, will release software with greater destructive capacity. . In this case, according to the source, we are possibly talking about ransomware.

Ransomware is a type of virus that, when it invades a computer or smartphone, it encrypts all files and requires a cash amount for release. There is no guarantee that, if payment is made, the files will be released.


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